For over 30 years we’ve been designing, building and installing pioneering software and hardware solutions with a focus on airports and public spaces.


We are headquartered in the UK with customers on every continent. Some of the world’s most successful organisations rely on our equipment including major hub airports, railway networks, traffic control centres and power stations.

We reinvest over 40% of our income in research and development – and as a relatively small business are agile enough to stay ahead of technological innovation in touch screen controllers, mobile devices and multilingual synthetic speech systems. Our control systems are designed to seamlessly interface with all leading public address equipment including Audix, ASL, Bosch, Philips and Aqord etc.



Phonetica – Our Latest Innovation



We have developed systems that are installed in mission critical sites such as the Faslane nuclear submarine base in Scotland and in fire and rescue command and control. Our Chronograph system controls Toyota’s production line. And we provide bespoke digital solutions such as the microphone switching in Westminster Abbey and Windsor Castle.


Phonetica is one of our ‘out of the box’ solutions that can be easily configured to your needs. We also offer a personal, tailored consultancy service to help you solve individual problems whether you’re upgrading or building a new airport or moving to ‘a silent operation’.


We also own and license a number of worldwide patents in power and battery monitoring to energy suppliers.