PA Anywhere

The next generation in audio announcements. Giving you the ability to communicate with everyone including the hard of hearing and visually impaired, in their own language. Keeping everyone informed whilst preserving a peaceful environment.

PA Anywhere is the premier 3G/4G/Wi-Fi solution for Transport hubs, hospitality, Universities and many other venues. PA Anywhere provides high-quality multi-lingual audio directly to users’ smartphones, Hearing Aid or Cochlear implant via a free app.

No more queuing and congregating, allow people to see their own information, in their own time and space. Call to areas when available minimises queuing in already congested areas.

Changing the way venues communicate with their passengers and customers.
Announcements sent directly to any Smart phone, Tablet, Headphones, Smart watches, Hearing aids and cochlear implants.



Assistive Experience

Reach a wider audience with audio direct to their own device. No more discrimination only compliance.
Keep passengers informed with the latest airport/flight information, whilst conserving a peaceful atmosphere. Send all/select announcements directly to the users smart device and Bluetooth headphones, hearing aids or cochlear implants

Inform customers of the latest deals which can be personal when integrated with existing shopping/travel portals i.e. online history

Travelling can be a stressful, confusing experience for anyone. Ensure disabilities are catered for by having announcements previously unable to be understood, transmitted directly to the passengers Hearing devices.

Announcements are sent directly to the person’s personal device in Audio and Text format. With over 64 Languages to choose from, PA Anywhere does not discriminate.
Enhanced by smart features such as: Magnification, Select to speak, Talk back and notification updates.


    • Audio / Text in 64 over Languages
    • 249 Dialects/Gender
    • Supports Social Distancing
    • Reduction in congregation and queuing
    • Information sent to Smart devices, Headphones, Hearing Aids and Cochlear implants
    • Full Disability compliance
    • All/select announcements
    • Specific content relevant Travel, Sale, Health and Safety messages
    • Intuitive venue branded Application

    • Dual Communications directly via app for ordering goods etc.
    • Integration to FIDS and 3rd party systems
    • Fully automated,semi-automated, or manual operation of the information relayed
    • Professional integration with any existing public address system
    • Support for emergency calls and fire alarm
    • High clarity and voice intelligibility compared with manually made announcements and other technologies like phonemes or text-to-speech
    • Multilingual

    • Ability to use large selection of existing voice libraries
    • Fastest creation of a custom language on the market
    • Customisation of audio libraries for target area acoustic characteristics
    • Visual paging module capable of integrating with existing FIDS system
    • Easy and affordable customisation
    • Test-to-speech option for generation of user-defined content and personal paging
    • Manual pre-recording option for generation of user-defined content
    • Integration with other display systems to synchronise information release to passengers

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