Automated PA System

Phonetica is the leading fully Automated Public Address system designed for Airports and Airlines. The system has been developed using the world’s most advanced patented Text-To-Speech technology.

Over the years, Phonetica have developed specialised knowledge and now contribute to the everyday operations of both Airports and Airlines. Total Integration with all leading amplifier and speaker products, a mobile solution that can broadcast announcements from desktop PCs, Android and iOS tablets. Put terminal teams where they’re most effective on the ground, reducing staff costs in traditional back office functions and providing a better experience for passengers.

Our team are persistent in their goal of remaining at the forefront of their technological field with extensive experience across the entire speech technology domain.




Phonetica produces crystal clear messages everytime

Hear what Phonetica can offer you

The heart of the Phonetica system is its library of messages. Announcements can be created quickly and to the ‘house standard’ with variables preprogrammed and instant translation in multiple languages – all at the tap of a screen or click of a mouse.

The touchscreen interface enables you to create bespoke messages, providing stock translation, a preview, and the ability to precisely send them to the right zones in your airport.


The system can prioritise, queue and automatically broadcasts messages in individual zones, improving audibility and reducing overall noise in a terminal.

The volume, pronunciation and clarity of every message is guaranteed, irrespective of staff capability or skill level.

Phonetica links with flight information systems and provides a full audit trail of sent messages and gate calls – ensuring that you and your handling agents fully compliant with individual carrier boarding procedures – and providing proof to customers of individual passenger calls.­

Transport Hubs

    • It’s simple to adopt and migrate from your basic system to Phonetica – which we securely load onto your PA server remotely or accessed via the cloud – installed in person working hand in hand with your IT and engineering team.
    • Automatic triggered flight related announcements such as boarding calls, delays, gate changes and non-flight information, e.g. safety and security calls
    • Passengers can easily and quickly retrieve live flight updates/status through their smart phones.
    • Authorised Airport and Airline staff as well as handling agents can generate messages with mobile devices on the go, from any place in the airport.
    • Phonetica is ideal for airports that have an ambitious growth plan whilst minimising operation and investment costs.


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Case Studies
Phonetica works with clients to produce bespoke solutions. Find out how Phonetica remains at the forefront of technology with our case studies.

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The brochure is a PDF and requires a reader package, like Adobe Acrobat to view.