Beacon-Air improves the passenger experience by adding a new level of interaction

Navigation, flight times and promotions at your finger tips!

Ensuring an outstanding passenger experience at an Airport is our number one priority and Beacon technology allows us make it even better.

Beacons installed throughout the airport (low cost & battery powered), send passengers relevant information directly to their smart phones or devices at every point of the journey through the airport. Beacon-Air can navigate passengers through the inevitable bottlenecks at baggage drop, security and passport control, relieving congestion creating a smoother transit from check-in to gate.Beacon-Air provides relevant location based information to the passenger, whilst directing them through-out the airport with an updated real time ETA along the way. If desired, stores can send promotions and offers to increase revenue.


Poor experiences are often due to lack of information relayed to passengers

Using Beacon-Airs messaging service, passengers no longer have to stand in a long queue at an Airline desk to be updated. Send Flight/PAX consistent status updates directly to their Smart phones while they relax along with coupons to be redeemed within the Airport, instead of standing for hours in queues receiving mixed messages from staff.

And of course, it is not just for passengers; beacons can be used for staff notifications and to beam operational information – such as Asset Management, Queue levels, Emergency Information, etc.



How Beacon-Air Works



Beacons are short-range location devices that typically interact with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet, working on Bluetooth low-energy frequency, and can receive signals from up to 20-30 meters. Each beacon broadcasts its identifier in the zone and this can be used by airlines, retailers and on-site partners to trigger useful content via a web browser to passengers or staff.

Web Content

The use of a Web-Browser enables Staff to update the platform with ease and ultimate flexibility. This also means that Passengers will not have to download ‘ANOTHER’ App!
This means no unwanted data sharing and no need to free up storage space in order to download.


By enabling Bluetooth, passengers will be able to use the Real-Time to destination feature to help navigate to utilities or their gate.
It can also be used to serve coupons and advertise sales for nearby retail stores, increasing revenue.
It can also assist staff too, with notifications for heavy queueing and asset management.