Departures TV


It’s time to improve the passengers experience with Departures TV: The infotainment system for airports.


    • A Cloud-based system with high reliability
    • Store hundreds of hours of entertainment / advertising
    • Automatic Video Selection for Destination obtained from the Flight Information System
    • Live TV feed (BBC 24, CNN etc.)
    • Fully integrated with Phonetica System: Synchronised messages with PA Announcements
    • Automated video selection & play features


What is Departures TV?

Departures TV is a fully-automated, information and entertainment delivery system. Combining solid state technology and wide screen TV, it allows films targeted at your destination to be played at the boarding gate. Wherever your passengers are heading for, a professionally produced film about their destination can be played automatically at the boarding gate, featuring a range of useful information – including: accommodation, restaurants, museums, clubs, bars and local transport.

How is it Implemented?

We offer a Total Management Solution where we not only supply and install the Departures TV technology, but we also manage the production of your film library – saving you the time and hassle of sourcing and managing suppliers. Our library of broadcast quality content contains 8,400 titles, and is still growing. Each film is around five minutes long, is fronted by a presenter and contains in depth information on each destination. We can also incorporate revenue generating advertising opportunities into your Destinations TV programming.

What are the Benefits?

Install Departures TV at your boarding gates and improve the passenger experience. Not only does it offer a welcome distraction for anxious or frequent flyers, but also capitalises on passengers’ sense of anticipation, enabling them to project themselves forward to their final destination and begin planning where they might go and what they will do when they get there. Suddenly the boarding gate is no longer dead time, but an exciting and integral part of the journey.