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Phonetica Newsletter

June 2017

Revolutionising multi-lingual communications

There are tons of misconceptions about the translation industry out there. Our job is to bridge language barriers and spread information from one tongue to another.

Did you ever think about how translation can improve the lives of thousands of people?

Here at Phonetica we have!!
This has served to ensure that Phonetica is regarded as the most advanced airport automated PA system in the world.

Phonetica has been busy revolutionising the art of multi-lingual communications – supporting unprecedented increases in passenger numbers. Empowering staff enabling them to announce and inform passengers at the right time and place, in their Native language and dialect, without the need for multi-lingual staff.

We possess a simple, elegant solution to translate between multiple languages. Our solution requires no change in the model architecture from our original base system but instead now utilises our Patented matrix algorithm which automatically scans and selects the most accurate translation and voice for the required language.

What drove this development was the fact that in the last few years, Phonetica has grown from supporting just a few voices to 249. Boasting 38 different Languages and over 60 Dialects, translating more than 14,000 words EVERY DAY!!

Creating a single system that can translate between multiple languages utilising multiple translation and voice synthesis providers. Our solution requires no change in the base Phonetica system and can be incorporated into existing Phonetica installations.

Our method often improves the translation quality of all involved Languages/Dialects, while keeping the model parameters constant. The multilingual model achieves and surpasses with state-of-the-art results.


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