Phonetica GO

For times of emergency or where your current zoning capabilities just won’t cut it. Whether you are looking to use alongside the main system with all messages sent to individual Go Speakers or create a standalone system allowing for smaller portable zones where desired, the GO can do it all

Using Phonetica Go, messages can be sent to speakers individually allowing for information relevant to that zone to be directed as required.

Phonetica Go can be mounted alongside portable totem displays, allowing for visual and audio messages to be displayed simultaneously. Information can differ from audio and visual. With audio announcing requirements whilst displaying directive information.

During the covid pandemic, sites are required to modify their sites to an otherwise non-conventional manner, at the drop of a hat.
Phonetica GO allows for areas to be broken down into separate zones as and when needed.
Phonetica GO allows easy extension or combination of multiple gate areas to give more space / larger zones

Phonetica Eagle eye Mobile people counting units for individual and group monitoring can be mounted with the Go units.


Fully portable, the GO system can be a valuable tool during peak times, enabling sites to adapt quickly. Utilising the quick swap battery feature, means the unit can have unlimited run time. Never faltering when needed.

The Go units can be addressed from the main Phonetica PA system or as a complete standalone system.
Whatever the requirement be, from pop up zoning or having a request for a custom system from one of your clients, GO can meet all needs.

Inform customers of points of interest directly where the speaker is situated. The Go unit can also have a built in motion sensor for triggered automatic announcements.


    • Battery operated with quick swap feature to allow continuous operation
    • Bluetooth enabled
    • Can operate alongside visual display for complete visual and audio messaging
    • Portable but durable. These speakers can be place wherever required. No need for mains or network connection
    • Blends into any setting thanks to their unobtrusive appearance
    • Impressive audio performance and simple handling, the Phonetica GO system is suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Supports Social Distancing

    • Reduction in congregation and queuing
    • All/select announcements
    • Fully automated,semi-automated, or manual operation of the information relayed
    • Full integration with Phonetica PA or Standalone systme
    • Specific content relevant Travel, Sale, Health and Safety messages
    • Integration to FIDS and 3rd party systems
    • Audio / Text in over 64 Languages
    • 249 Dialects/Gender

    • Support for emergency calls and fire alarm
    • Ability to use large selection of existing voice libraries
    • Customisation of audio libraries for target area acoustic characteristics
    • Visual paging module capable of integrating with existing FIDS system
    • Easy and affordable customisation
    • Test-to-speech option for generation of user-defined content and personal paging
    • Integration with other display systems to synchronise information release to passengers