Talking Gate

The Talking Gate solution is an extremely powerful software tool that can be fully tailored for an individual Airline/Airport, which runs on existing platforms without the need to invest in additional hardware.

The Talking Gate can be used by Airline or Handling agent staff to support the boarding process at the gate making announcements as well as simultaneous LCD screen updates.

Triggered Announcements can be broadcast airport wide or within Gate specific areas dependant on the message content. With over 1 Million Gate calls being made a year, the Talking Gate helps 45 Million passengers reach their destinations.

Announcements can be triggered manually or automatically via the FIDS. Applying the Gate number, Aircraft Type, Airline and destination information ensures each Airline/Aircrafts specific boarding processes are adhered to.
Gate Calls are often multi-lingual with automatic translation into the languages of the Origin/Destination countries as well as the Airlines native language.


Gate announcements can be triggered by the FIS (flight information system) and/or the ground staff at the gate during the boarding process of an aircraft. The gate announcements can be transmitted to any location but is generally directed into the zone of the associated gate itself. However, it is also possible to provide global missing PAX calls right from the gate.

Since the DGA software is a pure web application it can be run in a web browser (typically Chrome) on the gate pc (CUPPS). Hence a software installation is not necessary on the site. DGA is successfully running in the Frankfurt International Airport and the Zürich Airport.
DGA is a helpful partner for the ground staff to automate the standard boarding announcements in a high, consistent and understandable quality. Consequently, the ground personnel have more time to concentrate on the passengers, while DGA automatically takes care of the boarding calls.



    • Fully automated,semi-automated, or manual operation of the boarding process, baggage handing and customer services
    • Intuitive central graphical interface including optional touchscreen module at gates
    • Professional integration with any existing public address system
    • Support for emergency calls and fire alarm
    • Mobile users if required
    • High clarity and voice intelligibility compared with manually made announcements and other technologies like phonemes or text-to-speech
    • Multilingual
    • Ability to use large selection of existing voice libraries
    • Fastest creation of a custom language on the market
    • Customisation of audio libraries for target area acoustic characteristics
    • Visual paging module capable of integrating with existing FIDS system
    • Easy and affordable customisation
    • Test-to-speech option for generation of user-defined content and personal paging
    • Manual pre-recording option for generation of user-defined content
    • Gate LCD and LED panels and voice announcements
    • Integration with other display systems to synchronise information release to passengers